A helping hand for your local lawn & garden problems

The ferti•lome® Hometown Helper is a digital problem solver containing all current ferti•lome®, Natural Guard® brand by ferti•lome® and Hi-Yield® weed killer, insecticide and fungicide products and relates them to over 300 pests, weeds and diseases they control.

For retailers selling plants, add green goods to the ferti•lome® Hometown Helper™ to help customers engage more of your business!

Staff Training

Customer Engagement


Confidence in identifying and controlling problems

Help wherever you want it

The ferti•lome® Hometown Helper can help your customers through your website, interactive shelf talkers or in-store kiosks.

This is a powerful marketing tool designed for independent garden centers that is co-op reimbursement approved – 50% co-op reimbursement up to $500. 

We make it easy

Setup is quick and easy. Within 30 minutes your very own problem solver is up and running in the isle and on your website!

If adding plants, you can choose a general library based on your zone or fine tune the plant palette to what you offer in-store. Adding cross-sells to each plant is a breeze too!

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